BRANDS INSPIRED BY HORSE-RIDING Dear readers! Today’s post is a dose of inspiration. I would like to tell you something about brands that are inspired by horses. I love these brands and I keep following their actions. I will also shortly tell you about what they do for the equestrian world and about their ambassadors. … Continue Reading


YOUNG RIDERS COLLECTION ! So it finally happened! 🙂 <3 We are enforcing a new project. As you already know from the snaps my little sister Nadia is starting her adventure with horse riding. That is why I wanted to buy some basic clothes for her. The same thing had happened for me before – … Continue Reading

Devoucoux – behind the scenes

Devoucoux – behind the scenes As you probably know, someone who wins the Juniors’ Indoor Polish Cup receives an subordinary prize – a saddle that’s custom-made by Devoucoux (a French exclusive brand). In Poland this brand is represented by StanisĹ‚aw Byszewski. The company has patronized all the Young Riders for 12 years. It’s a great … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology in a stable – product review

RAYPATH – TEST  I have to confess – when I heard about Raypath which decided to bring out their horse cleaning products, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it wouldn’t work – maybe these cloths are perfect for cleaning the windows or kitchens but they won’t manage in a stable. My opinion was that … Continue Reading


Off we go! SKLEP>DALIALEHMANN.COM – please click in the link provided as it is all active by now 🙂 Finally I got my own online store and today is its ceremonial opening. I am so so happy as it took me much longer than expected but here it is! It is not perfect yet but  … Continue Reading

When the horse is bored in a box – toys

When the horse is bored in a box – toys in stable I am sure that there is this one horse in your stable that is visibly bored. It pokes another horses, scratches with its legs, sticks out its head and basically does everything to make you pay attention to it. What is more it … Continue Reading

The perfect piece of clothing for a spring weather – a vest in a stable.

The perfect piece of clothing for a spring weather – a vest in a stable. “Ne’er cast a clout till May is out” – this proverb perfectly shows what is going on outside. One day the temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius, and the other it is freezing. That is why we all wonder what … Continue Reading

The First Start – What to wear?

The First competition – what to wear. This post is a response to your numerous questions.  The last message I received is from a girl who is about to have her first competition. I was asked what to wear and what to remember about?  It had not been the first time you asked me about … Continue Reading

Motivation – Yes You Can !

Motivation – Yes You Can ! As you already know, last week HPP final competition that took place in L1ck finished with agood result for our team. The qualification period in our stable was quite busy. When it had finished – I have to say – I felt tired but also joyful at the same … Continue Reading

Treadmills or horsewalkers

  Today I will start unusually – with showing you a video. Please have a look how it looks like in our stable when our horses are on the treadmill : I would like to invite all of you to read my post – a lot of interesting information will be included and hopefully it … Continue Reading