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As promised, I have added some pictures from our last photo shoot with a little description of each product. Most of them are already available on the website so you can check them out
🙂 I came back from Samorinu and as you probably already know, Lillie Keenan has been wearing a shirt from my collection! She looked just amazing and I couldn’t stop looking at her <3 It always happens when I see girls who are wearing clothes from my collection 🙂
I also have a few new orders from the USA! But that’s not all!
On Saturday while having my breakfast with Ola – a man came down to us, praised my shirt then asked me where I had got it from. I answered kindly, thank you and mentioned that it was a project from my collection. He asked if these were the same shirts that Lilly had been wearing during the competitions? Then he introduced himself – It was Alessandro Albanese in person and said I had to be Dalia from Poland.
Lads! I almost fainted! 🙂
I told him that I was actually in love with his collection and was about to buy a tail-coat of him- he answered that it was really nice to hear and that he wished me all the best with my further work. My heart was beating so so fast! What a meeting I had! Alessandro Albanese in the flash! Reed Kessler, or Luciana Diniz also wear tail-coats from his collection.
Yes is happening 🙂 Much more amazons buy shirts with a flower motif on the collar <3 I am really happy and thankful for all your support as more and more people know about us. Have a look down below at the photo shoot we took.
As always you will find me at;



I am always at your disposal in case of any questions 🙂 Have a great day ! All the best 🙂



Polo T-shirts
Stunning comfortable t-shirts. Embroidered at the back and very light lace finish on the collar and the sleeves.



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Competitions shirt Silky Ros
Very feminine and light shirt. Comfortable, made of Lycra and a gentle fabric with flower motifs. Front is fastened by a zipper.


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Breeches – Flower Collection.
It is a classic model from our collection decorated with flower motifs. Comfortable while wearing. Fastened by a zipper and have two side pockets. They are made of an equestrian, elastic fabric combined with a high quality lace of the same color.


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Made of cotton, adjustable at the back.

Ability to embroider any inscription.

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