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As you probably know, someone who wins the Juniors’ Indoor Polish Cup receives an subordinary prize – a saddle that’s custom-made by Devoucoux (a French exclusive brand). In Poland this brand is represented by Stanisław Byszewski. The company has patronized all the Young Riders for 12 years. It’s a great initiative.

Make sure to watch the video. There is a lot of information including those about Mr Jarek.
Let’s get started.



This year I have the honour to join those lucky people who have such an amazing saddle in their stables. Because of the possibility I was given, I would like to show you how to measure and choose such saddle. It’s worth to watch and read it as, to be honest, I am impressed – even though I had already bought several saddles from various companies before. Today it is Devoucoux who sets the bar. Anyway, see yourself.

Mr. Stanisław visited us a couple of weeks ago on Thursday afternoon. We had set the date earlier. It is not always possible with other companies. Usually you have to conform to the company’s representative. It has always been a huge problem for me because of my numerous travels. In this case there was no problem. The appointments are made individually and the company is elastic. I am really thankful for that.


The company takes a few different saddles with various properties. In my case they offered me 4 models. After a conversation about the details I decided to try them on on my horses. Their offer is so broad that everyone can choose something. I encourage you to contact Mr. Stanisław. He can give you professional advice about the choice of saddle. I needed a particular saddle and the offer was prepared with a special attention to this fact. Remember that the Devoucoux saddles can be sewed for every horse.

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I tested the saddles with my own girths and stirrups. I started with the flattest, sport one (“close contact” type) ending with a soft one – I could ride in it for hours. Every saddle was tested on several horses to make sure that I feel comfortable. Mr. Stanisław was with me all the time discussing every detail. He explained who rides in each model and what the opinions of another riders are. Due to that choosing your saddle is not only extremely professional but also informative.





After a long ride I decided to choose the saddle that was the first one tested – Biarritz O. This sport saddle has an anatomical frame ?. It was the time to measure the horse. The saddle has to be comfortable for both – a rider and a horse. It can’t squeeze the spine – it must fit perfectly. Different mats and fillers are used for this purpose. They help the saddle be placed correctly.

Look at the photos  below to see how it looked like.



That’s what I love the most! Devoucoux has a complete range of colors and designs. You can also add a signature and choose the leather’s color. The thing that surprised me to most was the fact that the company allows to change the panel – thanks to that my saddle will have some decorations taken from another model. You have to admit – that kind of personalization is on the highest possible level! My saddle will definitely be one of a kind.
I went for chocolate brown saddle with light gray edges and seams. I could see my idea in a special computer program so I didn’t have to worry that the colors wouldn’t match.
The interesting fact is that the leather used for making those saddles are 100% Eco!
The company has bought a tannery and gave up using chromium. They replaced it by biodegradable natural substances. This innovative formula gives their products elasticity, softness and durability. What is more, this substance isn’t harmful for riders or horses.






Making a saddle that is completely personalized (as mine is) is a process that requires a lot of precision and dedication. All of the saddles are hand made so every detail is polished.

The company defines the waiting time as 6-8 weeks. I still don’t know if they manage to finish on time but I will surely let you know about it on my Facebook group or Snap chat. When it comes to positive and negative aspects, I will let you know later – when I will have been riding in it for a longer time. I have already talked to my friends and Mr Jarek. All of them are satisfied with the durability of Devoucoux products. You will see the details in the test that I will publish in two or three months. What is when I will be able to say something more about my experience. For now I am in love with this brand, their quality and service and of course Mr Stanisław Byszewski’s professionalism – it was a great pleasure to meet him and to learn so much from him.
If you already have a saddle from this brand, let me know how you like it. Do you recommend any other saddles? I would love to know your opinion.

Do you know where to find me?


Take care and see you soon.

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A few more photos:

Due to the fact that I’ve been on Baltica for two weeks and I wasn’t able to upload any posts I will try to add one more this week.

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DSC_9511 DSC_9536 DSC_9539 DSC_9549 DSC_9561 DSC_9563 DSC_9564 DSC_9566 DSC_9590 DSC_9659 DSC_9674 DSC_9677 DSC_9687

Thanks to BMJ Photo for all the pictures 🙂

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