When I first started designing shirts for my own usage, I didn’t even think that it would really happen!
I daydreamed about it for sure but I did not expect that all of you will welcome it so enthusiastically.
I remember the first comments under the pictures we took, saying it won’t work and that girls won’t buy them. But when I first showed up at the tournaments, they
could see how shirts were made and how they present.
Their opinions became better and questions of a possible purchase started to come up 🙂
It all took on speed and after all this I am able to present you my new tail-coats.
Thank you all for choosing my collection, as you are the ambassadors of the brand, where the motto is class, femininity, strength and ambition.
This post won’t be too long. Please have a look and judge yourself 🙂 As it is all made for you,  amazons, with flower motif on the collar- I am so so thankful, you are amazing! 🙂

Also wanted to share another great information with you, as very very soon we will all be able to see another foreign amazon wearing shirt Design by Dalia. Stay tuned 🙂
Maybe some of you know about it already? I smuggled this information in one of my last snaps 🙂
As soon as I receive first pictures, I will add information to the group.

We do not stop girlies! It is only the beginning, there will be a lot more.

All the best and as always I am at your disposal.



Tail-coats can be ordered directly from me
Sizes available XS,S,M,L


1 2


3 4





8     fr9



7 9 10 fr7  127

A few words about my project.

Tail-coat has been made in a way to make you look very neat.
It is not a surprise, that every woman’s dream is to have their bodies in the shape of an hourglass. That is the reason why we decided to add laces and to have an underlined waist- we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible.
It is made of an elastic fabric and, which is very important, the fabric is breathable.
I was testing this model a few times already while taking part in tournaments. I have been doing it quietly as there were a lot of changes – armpits, lining, buttons which at the start
were black but finally are gold. I think myself that they complete the rest.
I’ve been working hard on my project for a couple of weeks and now the first models are available.
Hopefully you will like them and very soon we will all see the first amazons on parkours, which besides the shirts with flower motifs will also be wearing a tail-coats with the brand logo on the arm.  <3 🙂

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