I have to confess – when I heard about Raypath which decided to bring out their horse cleaning products, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it wouldn’t work – maybe these cloths are perfect for cleaning the windows or kitchens but they won’t manage in a stable. My opinion was that for cleaning your equipment, shoes and horses you need something more solid than cloths and water, but then I decided to give it a chance. We tested some of them. Please, have a look at the results.


In a set or separately

I decided to go for a set of cleaners to make sure that the effect is not accidental but you don’t have to buy sets – all products made by Raypath are available separately. You can easily order them on their website. My package was delivered immediately and was beautifully wrapped. All of the products were well secured in a box which is very important while online-shopping because sometimes courier companies destroy the packages and the products get damaged. That is why the most important thing for me is the condition of delivered packages. In this case I was satisfied with their service


We started testing their products in our stable immediately – the only missing part was an usage instruction but as they have their Facebook page we decided to look for some videos there. And indeed, there is a lot of information. It turned out that the cleaners can be used for almost everything but it doesn’t mean that they have the same purpose. Every fabric is different and gives you another effect.



What to choose?

The range of Raypath’s products is quite broad and at first I didn’t know what to go for. Finally I decided to choose four items.



Breaks the dirt into micro-particles and is also used to clean the most dirty surfaces,
which does not harm a fair amount of water used for cleaning.


It should be used in cases where the cleaned surface does not tolerate too much water



Used to collect dust from various surfaces and prevent dirt from sedimentation. You can also polish metal with it.

It has excellent water absorption and does not cause streaks



In action

We were testing the cleaners for a couple of weeks. They are in a shape of a rectangle and it’s a kind of a glove which is quite useful. You have to put your hand inside and clean a certain item. You don’t have to worry that the product will fall out from your hand and get dirty. There is only one size but it fits all. The fabric is soft and gentle in touch which makes it even more comfortable.



We used them for almost everything – see the pictures yourself. Bridles, girths, horses, shoes or even my younger sister’s vest – effects were very good. If you have any experience connected with this topic, please comment down below. It will be very helpful.




The cleaners are strong and don’t get damaged. They do well and, what is more, they don’t change their shape in washing. They are innovative and concurrent products. I am sure that it will be useful in your stable. The only missing thing was a special box to store the cleaners. But beside that, there are only benefits.




Of course, yes!
Buying the cleaners with nanotechnology (a special system that prevents any germs from growing and has cleaning and bactericidal purposes) is a great decision. I’ve heard an opinion that they are not the cheapest but remember that in this case you won’t need any other cleaning agents except for water. So, without the cost of shampoos and powders, the price is the same. It is also a great option for allergy sufferers whose skin doesn’t tolerate various chemical substances.


In the picture there is a beautiful mare Willow. We would like to thank Maskawa stable in Nekla ? https://m.facebook.com/stajniamaskawa/?locale2=pl_PL

That’s all for now – if you need more information, you will find it on the company’s website or on their Facebook page. They are always there to help you and I am sure they will answer all your questions. I really like to try new things and I am glad that the product I’ve chosen worked well.

I am curious if any of you also use their products. If so, please let me know about your experience and any new things that you have tested.

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Of course I will post some videos and pictures for you 🙂

Kisses and see you soon

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