So it finally happened! 🙂 <3 We are enforcing a new project. As you already know from the snaps my little sister Nadia is starting her adventure with horse riding. That is why I wanted to buy some basic clothes for her. The same thing had happened for me before – we visited a shop and there was totally nothing besides a few T-shirts and breeches (I need to highlight the fact that when it comes to children it is even harder). Two different motifs – both in neon pink. Nadia didn’t even want to try them on. She looked at me asking me to design something for her. We should have thought about it before! We decided to go home and I immediately started working on it. That is how, thanks to Nadia, The Young Riders Collection was created.

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The breeches look almost the same as the ones for adults because we know they fit perfectly. They are high-waisted so the shirts don’t come out of them all the time, the bottom part of a leg is elastic and grips are in a right place. The only thing I have changed is the fabric as the ones for adults are made of a different one. I’ve chosen it consciously as it shapes your legs, it is comfortable and also holds everything in a right place 😉 For the Young Riders Collection I have chosen a special riding fabric with a mixture of Lycra. It gives you full comfort and don’t restrain your moves.

As an example I could use my sister who is full of energy and even when she isn’t riding, she is jumping around and running in breeches. They are so comfortable that she wears them even after her trainings. They have a zip and a clasp as all the other models from my collection.




There is also a shirt available. I am still working on it so there will be a few more models added to my collection soon. We can also make any shirt from adults’ collection in a smaller size so it will fit children.


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Last but not least, the sweatshirts. I like them very much. They are made of a soft fabric which doesn’t change its shape even in washing. They are perfect not only in a stable but you can also wear them in school. Nadia loves them, she wears them all the time – she already has three of them. At the moment I am making another one in gray color for her. My sister has a lot of sweatpants in the same colour so it will match well. Making sets is up to you – you can mix the colors .?


Now something about the slogan. I knew that the clothes have to be decorated and it has to refer to horses – I couldn’t think of anything for a long time but while I was helping Nadia with her homework I asked for her opinion. What she came up with was “I LOVE HORSES” and you know what? I think it was a great idea – this sentence appeared on the sweatshirts summing up our passion. I am really happy while looking at Nadia and I keep my fingers crossed for her first competitions as in two weeks she is going to her first riding camp.

The horse and equipment are prepared so she is ready to go. 🙂




I hope that you will like this collection and another riders will join our team promoting strength, ambition and self confidence.

Take care and see you soon. Last week I was in Hagen where I bought new jackboots. I will upload some photos and a short specification tomorrow. Please, let me know about you opinion about the new collection – I really take all your suggestions into consideration. This week I am in Ołomuniec and I will be taking a lot of snaps 🙂




One more thing – Nadia has become an official promoter of the YOUNG RIDERS COLLECTION 🙂





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